The Mets trade Curtis Granderson to the LA Dodgers

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Over the weekend (Friday night), the first-place Los Angeles Dodgers improved their chances of winning it all by adding outfielder Curtis Granderson in a trade with the New York Mets. The Mets will receive in return a player that will be named later or straight cash. It’s hard to see why LA needed another player.

David Price on the disabled list with elbow problems

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Red Sox pitcher David Price has been placed on the disabled list with elbow problems for the second time this season. The player has been out since Tuesday and doesn’t look to be throwing again anytime soon, said the teams manager John Farrell on Friday. In an attempt to get back to fitness, Price had

Safety in baseball under scrutiny

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Safety is always a priority in Major League Baseball and the league  is now looking for ways to improve their bases in the light of Bryce Harper’s injury. Harper went down hard last week and on first glance looked to have a severe knee injury. Thankfully the player dodged the proverbial bullet and will hopefully

Can The Dodgers be ‘the boys of summer’ all over again?

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It was 1953 and there were baseball Hall of Famers as far as the eye could see. On the field was catcher (Roy Campanella), shortstop (Pee Wee Reese), left field (Jackie Robinson), and in center field (Duke Snider). Were talking of course about ‘the Boys of Summer,’ the Brooklyn Dodgers. So, is 2017 the year

Marlins to be sold to Derek Jeter’s group for $1.2 billion

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Ex New York Yankee legend Derek Jeter has won the auction for the Marlins franchise for a cool $1.2 billion. Jeter will also act as the franchise’s CEO, said a source with direct knowledge. The future Hall of Famer will be involved in both the baseball and business operations of the club. He also will

MLB players to wear nickname jerseys

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It seems the MLB has a heart or, at the very least, a sense of humor. Major League Baseball will have a completely different look for a newly created ‘Players Weekend’ later this month. Together with the MLB Players Association, Major League Baseball announced Wednesday a set of initiatives aimed letting players express themselves while

Free Agency: It’s Do or Die time!

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It’s the time in a baseball player’s career, that, for the very first time in their lives, they have complete control. Where to live and work, and most importantly, sign a contract with a team that will guarantee financial security for generations to come. Yes, it is free agency time my friends. As the regular-season’s