By: Team Red Zone 6 months ago

The NBA is changing, and as players and referees clash more and more, Carmelo Anthony has addressed the situation noting that his relationship with officials is way different as to when he first joined the league 15 years ago.

Anthony said: “The game has changed a lot since I came in 15 years ago, the players and the officials had that dialogue, whether it was good or whether it was bad, there was always a point where they would let you get a little steam off, and then would come to you and say that’s enough, let’s move on,” adding: “And now, the trigger is too quick. You look at somebody wrong, you get a technical foul. You say one wrong thing, you get a technical foul. So I think that’s the difference from when I came in, the dialogue and communication and the relationship the players and officials [had] when I first came in and from now is a lot different.”

When it comes to Technical fouls, they are actually down this year as opposed to last season. The stats don’t lie, At the same point in the season last year, 443 technical calls have been called, last year at this point there was 467, and when it comes to technicals,

they have also declined over the last three years, which is obviously good for the flow of game.

It’s obvious to see the changing tide, LeBron James was ejected for the first time in his career, Anthony Davis and Stephen Curry have both been thrown out of a game once and when it comes to Kevin Durant, well he tops them all with three ejections. When you add the $25,000 fine that
Draymond Green was given due to his outburst last Sunday when he suggested that ref’s have ‘personal vendettas’ against players, you can see the problem at hand.

Anthony talked some more about the problem: “Years ago, that was the communication, that was the dialogue. If an official got it wrong, they would come back to you and say, ‘I messed up, I got it wrong,”’ and added: “And we’d move on from that. Now, the communication is not there.”

Players have been very vocal about the problem and in December Michele Roberts, executive director of the players’ association, addressed NBA officials holding up their hands as a “stop” gesture as players try to question a decision.

Roberts told the press at the time: “Our players also complained about being ignored, told to ‘shut up,’ told to ‘move’ or, in extreme circumstances, hit with a technical.”

Addressing the tough job officials have, Anthony said: “It’s not an easy job for those guys, for the officials, but it’s also not an easy job for us when we’re getting the contact and getting the fouls and you see certain calls be given and certain calls not,” and added: “And you wonder why, what you’re doing, what the other person is doing right, so it’s a tough situation for those guys, and it’s going to keep getting more challenging for the officials and for us because we’ve got to figure that out.”

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