By: Team Red Zone 2 months ago

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are understood to have joined up with the rest of their New England Patriots teammates, while the franchise prepares for the upcoming 2018 season. Coach Bill Belichick confirmed that the veteran players were present at a three-day mini training camp, that began earlier this week at the Gillette Stadium.

There’s no deying that the futures of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are integral to the collective future of the New England Patriots, and with both men failing to turn up to the franchise’s recent OTAs, media speculation was rife. For Brady, the major questions over his absence centred around his fitness. The dynamic QB continues to defy the odds when it comes to longevity, but fans wondered if the 40-year-old’s decision to opt out of preseason activities simply meant he had ran out of gas.

The situation with Gronkowski was tied to his contract, and rumours that he would not feature for the Pats until his current playing contract had been restructured. The 29-year-old offered a different opinion however.

“I wanted to take care of my body, take care of myself and see where I was at before I came out here.” said Gronkowski.  “I think it was a good decision,” he added. “I was having all different thoughts — see if I really wanted to go through it again.”

It seems that many of the questions surrounding Brady and Gronk have now been answered, and Bill Belichick was quick to point out that life in the Pats minicamp couldn’t be better.

“It’s good to have all players here,” said Belichick.

“It’s good. Everything is good,” he said. “It just felt really good to be back out on the field, and that’s what matters most. I enjoyed it a lot, I love playing the game of football.

“The game of football is fun when you’re feeling good, and if you’re not feeling good – I mean myself, I’ve asked many other players – you really don’t like the game of football.”

The Patriots will be looking to reach their third consecutive Super Bowl this season, with Tom Brady hoping for a chance to earn his sixth Super Bowl ring. Brady’s contract for the upcoming season grants him a $14m base salary with a potential $8m in bonuses.

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