By: Team Red Zone 8 months ago

Following up on a story we covered last week, Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been given the all clear and will be able to return to the team after being out for most of the season with a broken collarbone.

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy told the press that it had looked like Rodgers had passed and met the necessary checks and requirements set by the medical staff at Green Bay. His injury had to have healed at least 80 percent in order to return otherwise Rodgers would have been sidelined for at least another week.

Having been officially designated to return to the team last weekend, this gave Green Bay a three-week window to activate Rodgers back on to the team’s roster. Had they not done that, it looked as if Rodgers was resigned to spend the end of the 2017 season on injured reserve.

It’s a testament as to how fit Rodgers is. He had suffered a major injury (displaced collarbone fracture) and had to have two plates and thirteen screws in his shoulder in order to strengthen his shoulder and speed up his healing process.

In his fifth year in the NFL, Rodgers was a first round pick for the Packers in the 2005 draft. He still has two years left on his $130.75 million contract with the team and is guaranteed to make $12.55 million next year and a hefty $19.8 million in his final year at the organization.

The Packers were looking like a force to be reckoned with prior to Rodgers’ injury. He had played six games and had thirteen touchdowns and rushed for eighty-three yards. Let’s face it, Green Bay will welcome those type of numbers to end out the regular season with open arms.

Keep in mind, that even with Rodgers back in the team the Packers have to stay focused and have to win their remaining games to stay in postseason contention. As it stands Green Bay stand at 7-6 and are tied with the Detroit Lions with the Minnesota Vikings sitting in the top spot.

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