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David Backes skates 18 days after colon surgery

By: Team Red Zone | 13 hours ago

This is a real feel good story. It has only been less than three weeks since Boston Bruins forward David Backes underwent major surgery to remove part of his colon due to diverticulitis. But in true warrior style, it didn’t take long for the veteran Bruins forward to return to the ice. Much to the

Are the Lakers padding Lonzo Ball’s assist numbers?

By: Team Red Zone | 2 days ago

His father LaVar has gotten into it with the President of the United States, and his younger brother LiAngelo is staying out of the public following his arrest in China for shoplifting. Lonzo Ball on the other hand is trying to make it through his first season in the NBA as the starting point guard

Jameis Winston to miss third in a row

By: Team Red Zone | 2 days ago

It’s been a funny few weeks for Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston. He’s been in the news for off-field reasons of late and that will continue to be the main area of concern for Winston this week. Winston has been accused of groping an Uber driver in Arizona last year. He has denied the accusation, but

Trump wants Marshawn Lynch suspended

By: Team Red Zone | 2 days ago

Oh boy, here we go again. President Trump has called on the NFL to suspend Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch, who decided to sit during “The Star-Spangled Banner” before Sunday’s game against New England but then stood for the Mexican national anthem, which was played as well because the game was held in Mexico City.

Washington Redskins lose Chris Thompson to injury

By: Team Red Zone | 3 days ago

It was an afternoon of pain for the Washington Redskins on Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t bad enough that they blew a 15-point lead in the fourth quarter before going on to lose to the Saints 34-31 in overtime, they also lost running back Chris Thompson to a serious injury. In the third quarter of Sunday’s

Orlando NBA summer league moves to Vegas

By: Team Red Zone | 3 days ago

Change is in the air. The Orlando Magic have decided not hold their annual summer league in Orlando next year and will instead, participate in the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas. This is a big departure for the Magic, who have ran and managed their own summer league in Central Florida a total of

Tampa beat the Dolphins 30-20

By: Team Red Zone | 3 days ago

It wasn’t the most pretty of games, but considering Tampa were supposed to have this week as a bye week, the Buccaneers will take the win, however it comes. Tampa beat Miami 30-20 in the rescheduled date caused by the hurricane-postponed regular season opener, and both teams looked like they needed (and played like they